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A Comprehensive Analysis of Aloe Vera Gel Processing and Its Antidiabetic Properties: A 3D Computational Biology Perspective"

Pramod chikkodi, Kengar Manohar, Patil Amol


This expansive review paper delves into the intricate realm of Aloe vera gel processing and its potential antidiabetic properties, augmented through the lens of 3D computational biology. The review amalgamates insights from various references to elucidate the handling, harvesting, and juice extraction of Aloe vera gel. Additionally, it explores diverse products derived from Aloe vera, such as Aloe juice, Aloe health drink, and Aloe dessert, providing an extensive understanding of their preparation methods and potential applications. The paper delves into the intricate structure of Aloe vera leaves, emphasizing the physical characteristics and active components contributing to its medicinal properties.

 The prime focus of this comprehensive review revolves around the antidiabetic and hypoglycemic properties of Aloe vera, scrutinizing them from a 3D computational biology perspective. Emphasis is placed on elucidating how Aloe vera aids in lowering blood glucose levels and enhancing insulin sensitivity. Advanced computational modeling and simulations are employed to analyze the intricate interactions between Aloe vera constituents and metabolic pathways, shedding light on the molecular mechanisms underlying its antidiabetic effects. The potential role of Aloe vera's antioxidant properties in mitigating oxidative stress and diabetes is explored through sophisticated computational models, offering a deeper understanding of its therapeutic impact.


Aloe vera gel, Aloe vera gel expulsion extraction, filleting, leaf splitter method purification, stabilization, antidiabetic properties, hypoglycemic effects, 3D computational biology, molecular modeling, metabolic pathways, antioxidant potential.

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