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Analysis and Treatment of Greywater by Using Natural and Chemical Coagulants

M. S. Kalayankar, P. P. Dhas, V. S. Sonawane, S. J. Gatkal, R. P. Agrawal


This project consists of collecting the data related to greywater treatment and analysis. The quality of greywater generated in different, especially, developing countries, constituents found in greywater, some treatment systems and natural materials for treatment, some reuse strategies and public perception regarding greywater reuse. The review shows that generation rates are mostly influenced by lifestyle, types of fixtures used and climatic conditions. Contaminants found in greywater are largely associated with the type of detergent used and influenced by other household practices. Many of the treatment systems reviewed were unable to provide total treatment as each system has its unique strength in removing a group of targeted pollutants. The review revealed that some naturally occurring materials such as Moringa oleifera sawdust can be used to remove targeted pollutants in greywater. The study further showed that user perceptions towards greywater treatment and reuse were only favourable towards non-potable purposes, mostly due to perceived contamination or lack of trust in the level of treatment offered by the treatment system.


Grey water, precipitation, natural and chemical coagulation, treatment

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