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A Review on Removal of Heavy Metal from Polluted Water using Low Cost Bio-adsorbent

R. Srinivasan, P. A. Sadgir



This review paper presents the performance of natural low cost bio-adsorbent used for the removal of heavy metals from polluted water. The current study focuses on various natural low cost bio-absorbents such as native algae, papaya peel, bone powder, Nile rose plant, natural clayey, rice straw, rice bran, rice husk, coconut shell, Neem leaves, hyacinth roots, powder of heartwood, Moringa oleifera bark an agricultural solid waste, resin of mimosa tannin, kaolin, bentonite, blast furnace slag, fly ash, lentil husk, an agricultural waste and recycled paper sludge are used. The researcher makes variations in concentration of dosage, concentration of lead ions, contact time, PH value and temperature are considered. Final results were obtained by using various testing instruments such as atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), XRD analyses, transmitted electron microscope (TEM) and atomic force microscope (AFM), SEM-EDX analyses and FT-IR analyses.



Natural low cost bio-adsorbent, pH, temperature, lead adsorptive removal

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