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Adsorption of Chromium (VI) Ions in Aqueous Solutions by Tea Waste and Sawdust as a Low Cost Adsorbent

Hanit Kumar Thapak, SK Mohammad Istiyaque, H Vaghasia


The chromium (VI) ions from aqueous solutions by two adsorbents i.e. tea waste and sawdust was studied under a batch mode. An initial pH of 2.5 was most favorable for chromium (VI) removal by both the adsorbents. The results obtained for the final concentration of chromium (VI) at a pH range of 2-8 indicated that a combined effect of adsorption and reduction was involved in the chromium (VI) removal especially when the pH value is lower than 4. The maximum Removal efficiency of chromium ions by Tea waste and sawdust was 92% and 94%. Evaluation of experimental data in terms adsorption, sawdust adsorbent possess better removal efficiency as compare to tea waste adsorbent


Tea waste Sawdust, Chromium, Adsorption, aqueous solutions

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