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Adaptation and Implementation of Solar Distillation Plants for Pure Water: A Review

Siddharaj V. Kumbhar, B. K. Sonage


The need of pure water is increasing day by day, being scarcity of fresh water available on grounds. The one source for obtaining the pure water, by purification, can be looked upon from saline water or waste water. The methods of purifying such water are not economic to the large population. But the use of techniques like solar distillation can be very economic and efficient as well, because of abundant source of renewable energy i.e. sun. The paper describes innovation and research in solar distillation which makes this system to be highly productive. It can be made possible to work with solar distills even during night times by the use of PCM, which makes the system work for availability of pure water through the day and night.



Solar distill, evaporative, pure water, latent heat

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