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Effect of Coal Mining Industry and Thermal Power Plant to the Neighbouring Environment: Evidences from Barapukuria, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Md. Nazir Hossain


The objective of the present study is to explore the people’s perception about the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of coal mining industry and coal fired thermal power plant to the physical and human environment of Barapukuria, Dinajpur, Bangladesh. The present study found that the Barapukuria coal mining industry and thermal power plant have brought some environmental and socioeconomic challenges to the adjacent areas. The inhabitants of adjacent area of the coal mine and power plant are facing critical difficulties in their daily livelihood due to several causes such as the environmental pollution, requisition of homesteads and agricultural land, land subsidence, mass eviction, and cracking of house’s walls etc. Mainly the occupational patterns and people’s income level as well as livelihood patterns have been changed unfavourably. This study recommends advanced technologies and sustainable measures to control the adverse effects of coal mining and power plant to the environment of Barapukuria.


Keywords: Coal mining industry, thermal power plant, environmental effects, socioeconomic effects, Barapukuria, Bangladesh


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