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Life Cycle Costing of Sewage Treatment Plant

Bhoye V. Y, Saner A. B, Ambre H P


In this fast growing life, every industry and organization needs proper management for time, money, resources, and material. Time and cash management is most necessary for construction industry. Life cycle costing (LCC) is a process of evaluating the economic performance of a structure over its entire life. The process of identifying and documenting all the costs involved over the life of as asset is known as life cycle costing. LCC require that all potential costs be calculated by taking into consideration the time value of money. LCC includes different cost like construction cost, operation and maintenance cost, replacement cost, rehabilitation costs and also residual cost. Life cycle costing (LCC) is useful for taking decision related to limited budget or forecast the future budget needs, long range planning, select appropriate and effective option from the various options, and there is more applications of LCC. In this paper, life cycle costing of sewage treatment plant is being carried out.


Keywords: Management, life cycle costing, sewage treatment plant, activated sludge process (ASP), net present value

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