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Adsorption of Lead Ions on Tea Waste Adsorbent

Hanit Kumar Thapak, Narendra Singh Parmar, Kripanshu Singh Para, Anuj Tomar, Sagar Rai


In 2015 Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi focused more on clean and green India. On behalf of it an effective tea waste collected from Hotel Rudrapratap Tomar Purani Chhawani, Gwalior, MP, India. This hotel generated tea waste of 10000 kg per month. In Nov 2015 it generated tea waste of about 29000 kg which created tremendous problems, particularly by environmental pollution control board. Characterization of the adsorbents showed a clear change between physico-chemical properties of activated tea waste. The objective of this work was to evaluate. Effect of Agitation Rateluate the potential of activated tea waste adsorbent for removal of Pb (II) ions from industrial waste water. The different experimental parameters such as; concentration, adsorbent dose, initial pH, temperature and contact time were carried out in experimental setup. The initial Pb (II) concentrations were 10, 20 and 30 ppm in the experiment. The result shows maximum removal of lead ions at 5 pH, 120 sec contact time and 0.6 gm adsorbent at 25°C; is 98% respectively.


Keywords: Tea waste, heavy metals, adsorption, lead ions, synthetic wastewaters


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