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A Study on the Efficacy of Bilwadi Yoga in Purifying the Polluted Water

Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi


It's time to re-discover India's ancient and traditional water purifying methods using herbs and seeds, which cleanse the water while retaining its natural benefits. Ayurveda has mentioned the environmental toxicology in terms of Janapadodwamsa in broad way. Environmental toxicology comes under purview of the Agada tantra and has wide scope for research Therefore, “An experimental study on the efficacy of Bilwadi yoga on polluted water”, was chosen to evaluate scientific background and the efficacy towards water purification, which may be an affordable, simple, easiest way and can be used anywhere at any time without depending upon any instruments or external energy sources


Janapadodwamsa, Environmental Toxicology, Agada Tantra, Bilwadi yoga Purification

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