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Pattern of Cancer in Punjab (Cancer Capital of India)

amit chawla, Vikramjit Singh, Mangi Lal, Chanana Arsh, Payal Chawla


The problems of the nature and possible treatment of malignant disease are studied in many laboratories and results are published in different journals. It is difficult for any worker to keep in touch with all the published work. Excellent summaries of papers were published for many years in the Cancer Review, the publication of which was unfortunately suspended about ten years ago. Since then abstracts have been available in the American Journal of Cancer, which has now been replaced by Cancer Research. The “Abstracts from Cancer Research” are published separately and the first volume covers the year 1941. The summaries are grouped under the main headings of experimental research (including carcinogenic compounds, hormones, viruses, genetics, physical factors, radiation, chemosurgery, biochemistry and nutrition-chemotherapy, immunology, leukæmia, transplantation and tissue culture), comparative oncology, clinical and pathological reports, statistics and cancer control and public health. The production seems admirable and should be of great value to cancer research workers. This new journal is published in America by the International Cancer Research Foundation, hut Prof. E. L. Keimaway and Dr. W. E. Gye arrange for the abstracting of articles appearing in publications in the British Commonwealth.


Cancer, Punjab, oncology, carcinogenic, leukemia.

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