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Cancer biology and Sequencing technology: A new era for personalized patient care.

Siddaram Naikodi, Tanvee Pardeshi, Sameer Chaudhary, Sakshi Rawat


Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases causing high mortality around the world. Lot of efforts are being made to be able to device a proper treatment for cancers. The majority treatments for various types of cancers comprise of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immune therapy, and targeted therapy. These methods of treatment may not be fully able to get rid of cancer but able to extend the life span and provide relief. Detection methods are now getting more and more advanced for cancer which is making it easier to put preventive measures in place. With the advent of sequencing technology it has become very easy to sequence the cancer genomics and study the genetic basis of cancer. With the next generation sequencing (NGS) and data analysis it has become faster and cheaper to screen for cancer related biomarkers and develop a preventive screening methods. This review explores the extent of cancers epidemiology in India and explores the benefits of sequencing technology and the analysis of the data with identifying the biomarkers related to cancers like breast, cervical, ovarian. Such biomarkers can be of crucial importance for developing a preventing testing against cancer. The tech­nologic advantages offered by NGS will eventu­ally reduce the cost of sequencing and decrease the turnaround times that will support unprec­edented analytical depths of understanding of tumour biology, enabling highly individualized patient care.

 Keywords: Cancer, next generation sequencing, data analysis, tumour biology

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Siddaram Naikodi, Tanvee Pardeshi, Sameer Chaudhary et al. Cancer biology and sequencing technology: A new era for personalized patient care. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Bioinformatics. 2017; 4(3): 1–14p.

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