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Structural Studies of Alternatively Sliced Transcript Isoforms in Context of Esophageal Cancer

Vidyavati N. Deshpande, S.C. Mali, Uday M. Muddapur, V. G. Shanmuga Priya, Preeti Honagudi, Anita Vibhuti


Microarray one of the high throughput technologies is used to measure the gene expression, which serves as the primary source for different types of analysis. The results of these experiments are stored in several repositories/databases of which many are made publically available. GEO-Gene Expression Omnibus is one among them. Alternative splicing is a regulated process whose deregulation influences cancer. In the present work, the expression array data sets of esophageal tissue in Normal and Cancer conditions are retrieved from GEO database and normalized to get the relevant data which is suitable for further analysis. Significant Branch point sequences were found out and also significant splice site motifs are also recognized using an algorithm and excel operations.


Keywords: Esophageal cancer, Alternative splicing, splice Factors, Meta-Analysis, GEO Database, Branch-point


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