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Flavocillin: SarsCov2 Replicase Polyprotein 1AB Inhibitor

Mustafa Pehlivan


Replicase polyprotein 1AB is a multifunctional protein that transcribes and replicates viral RNAs. This multifunctional protein contains protinases responsible from the cleavages of polyproteins. In this study, Flavocillin, a newly discovered potent penicillin antibiotic was docked for possible interactions with various SarsCov2 proteins by using Mcule. Although Penicillins have no antiviral effects, the docking results for Flavocillin showed that Flavocillin specifically and comptetitively inhibits Replicase polyprotein 1AB of SarsCov2. Following the previous chemical synthesis of Flavocillin, ın vitro biological activity results had shown that Flavocillin was highly active on various lung infecting antibiotic resistant bacteria such as S. aureus, MRSA, C. stiratum, M. catarrhalis and S. mutans. In Silico docking studies have been outlined in this study to present further advantages of Flavocillin in targeting SarsCov2 Replicase Polyprotein 1AB.

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