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Analysis of Medical Record Sharing Using Blockchain Technology: A Study

Priyanka Sonar, K. Jaya Malini


Blockchain endeavor on the impression of a digitally disbursed record and consensus algorithm is getting rid of all the threats of intermediaries. Its early applications have been related to the investment/finance zone; however now this conception has been prolonged to nearly all the vital areas of research along with education, Internet of things, bank segment, defense, medical zone etc. Blockchain technology, built over the internet has the potential to use the contemporary healthcare evidence into associates and interoperable manner through using a patient-centric method. In this study the blockchain is used for managing and sharing digital medical records to allow patient role, clinics, and different scientific stakeholders to share histories amongst themselves, due to which the interoperability is maintained. The blockchain construction is based on the entities contributing/connecting to build a series/chain network.


Blockchain, genre of blockchain, aspects of blockchain, pertinence of blockchain, projected system

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