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Solid Waste Management in Gomti River Basin in Response to Rapid Urbanization: A Review of Existing Infrastructure

Chander Kumar Singh, Shubhangi .


The rapid economic growth along with development and expansion of urban infrastructure with improper design is leading to various problems for management of several components of infrastructure. Management of rapidly growing municipal solid waste (MSW) is one of the major challenges along with lack of maintenance of sewerage systems, sewage treatment plants, proper collection and disposal of waste. Due to change in lifestyle and increase in per capita income, the generation of MSW has increased and its proper disposal and management has become a major challenge for government and non-government organizations. This improper of MSW disposal leads to urban flooding as it becomes a major civic and health concern for the population. The current study reviews several initiatives of State Govt. which has increased infrastructure in peri-urban areas of Lucknow City. The study also estimates the future land use/land civer of the city for the year 2031 and does a literature review of suitable mitigation options for safe disposal of solid waste and provides solution to seasonal flooding events in the city.


Sewage, MSW, flooding, land change modeling

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