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Biochar-based nano-composite for the removal of dyes from the wastewater

Omprakash K. Mahadwad


This research work focuses on recent applications of biochar’s nano composites, produced from biomass pyrolysis, in water and wastewater treatment. Pyrolysis of wood is the possible path for converting biomass to higher valuable products such as bio-oil, bio-char and bio-gas. This work focused on the formation, analysis of bio-char based nanocomposites which was obtained from the wood pyrolysis. A FT-IR technique was used for the determination of groups present in biochar composites. Adsorption capacities for organic and inorganic, dyes and other heavy contaminants by different biochar nanocomposites under different operating conditions are studied. Mechanisms responsible for contaminant remediation are briefly discussed.


Keywords: Pyrolysis, bio-char, FT-IR, nanocomposites, analysis.

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