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Experimental Investigation on Tensile Characteristics of Hybrid Nanocomposite Joints by FSW with Optimized Welding Parameters

Sadashiva M, Srinivasa M R, Sharanraj V, Santhosh N


Aluminium based nanometal matrix composites have emerged as highly promising class of materials in the field of materials domain, gaining importance mainly due to their low cost, isotopic properties and easy secondary processing. Cast aluminium matrix particle-reinforced composites have higher specific strength, specific modulus and good wear resistance when compared to unreinforced alloys. Continuous metal matrix phase facilitates controlled distribution of one or more nano-reinforcement materials. There are several conventional ways in which particle-reinforced metal matrix composites can be manufactured and formed. Micromechanics approach has shown that the factors influencing the strength of a particle-reinforced MMC are volume fraction and diameter. In this current work, AA 6061 metal matrix hybrid composites were developed with nano-silicon carbide ceramic particles and E-glass fibres by traditional stir casting, followed by joining, carried out with friction stir welding with optimized welding parameters viz. 40, 80, and 120 mm/min tool traverse speed. Current research work concentrated on evaluation of tensile characteristics of hybrid composite plates and concluded that composite plates have excellent tensile properties compared to the base metal.


Keywords: Aluminium, metal matrix, stir casting, friction stir welding

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