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Projections of Natural Absorption in Three-Dimensional Behind Phase into Turboprop Circulation

Rohit Kumar


Designed to enhance fuel-air mixing at supersonic speeds is one of the most difficult issues in the design of scramjet engine combustors. Various experiments and investigations were considered to boost fuel-air mixture in supersonic air streams. In this analysis, phase effects on transverse gaseous hydrogen injection into supersonic crossflow are examined numerically. Three-dimensional Reynolds Combined Navier-Stokes equations and k- sst turbulence model and perfect gas equation were numerically solved. Current numerical simulation results were compared and checked with available experimental data. Numerical findings from simulations were found in good agreement with experimental values. Then the phase height and phase distance from the injection point was adjusted and the effects on Mach disc height and stagnation pressure loss were evaluated.

Keywords: Turboprop, deformation combustion, extended surface, swirling, viscous damping stagnant.

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