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Advancements in De-icing and Anti-icing Technologies used in Aircraft

Sri Sai P. Reddy, Amit Kulkarni


In today’s fast progressing world, there is an advent of technology in all spheres of life. One such area that has grown by leaps and bounds is that of aircraft technology and the systems involved in it. This paper focuses mainly on the technologies/systems used for De-icing and Anti-icing applications in aircrafts (specifically those with fixed wings), be it manned or unmanned (UAVs). Icing and frosting of wings are a common occurrence in aircraft when they reach high altitudes where the vapor condenses and solidifies on the aircraft’s wings/body as ice or frost. This hampers the aerodynamic capabilities of the aircraft and drastically reduces its performance. De-icing and Anti-icing systems are those which curb the formation of such ice and frost on the aircraft body. The systems reviewed in this paper are Mechanical vibration de-icing system, Electromagnetic Expulsion de-icing system (EEDS), Electro-Impulse De-icing system (EIDS), Electro-Expulsive Separation System (EESS), Electro-Mechanical De-icing System, Ultrasonic Deicing System and Shape Memory alloy de-Icing system (SMA). A majority of these systems are fully patented and are already being implemented whereas some of them are in their early stages and are to undergo large scale experimental testing and implementation thereafter. This paper outlines the advancements over the recent years and the working of these systems.


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