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Course Selection by Machine Learning

Saurabh Gandhi


A module to recommend various courses on the basis of learning outcomes and student
selection. Students choose specific courses of study because of their interests and possible
future development upon graduation. It is a unique form of student counseling that proposes a
variety of student strategies and resources for developing skills and knowledge. It collects
course information and commends them according to their students' preferences, interests and
needs. Choosing the wrong subjects means the discrepancy between the student's
understanding, power and personal interest. Problems arise when a student is not interested in
the course that is not well matched with the student's ability. In this module, the system assesses
the power of psychometric tests and is based on their previous learning outcomes.
Incorporating all aspects, a decision is made as to which courses should be recommended by
the learner. Faculty, teaching staff or parents cannot always advise their students because of
the workload. So it's nice to have some kind of smart complimentary tools that need to be made
to help them.

Keywords: Electrotechnology, physics of microgravity, recommender systems, semantic web, propulsion and combustion

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