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3D Printing: Aircraft Turbojet Engine with PLA Material

B.Mabu Sarif, S. Nayabu Rasool, P. Purushitham, K. Murali, M. Ramesh, K. Venkatesh, S. Abdul Azeem


From the previous couple of decades most of the research is goes on the sunshine weight material on different applications like marine, aerospace, defense and industry. In this paper, 3D printing process is considered to manufacture jet engine with PLA (poly lactic acid) material. This 3D printing process, now a day’s mostly using in various applications like
medical, aerospace, defense etc., due to its quality of parts making with desired specifications without any errors, generally this is using for making prototype parts. 3D printing is mostly using because, it can manufacture complex parts, due to this aerospace is showing more interest. How the 3D printed components are affected with changes in 3D printed parameters such as, Raster Angle, Layer Thickness, Extrusion Temperature, Infill Density and different
color PLA material. The paper presents the design and sizing of the jet engine components, like engine inlet, compressor impeller, compressor diffuser, turbine blades, combustion chamber, and its zones as well as the exit nozzle. Improvements in reliability, safety, and operational efficiency of aero engines can be brought in a cost-effective way using advanced
control concepts.

Keywords: 3D printing, Infill Density, PLA, Printing parameters, Turbojet Engine

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