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Karthik Kamaraj, Ujwal Vij, Mohd. Moiuddin, Riddhi Dutta, Basant K. Agarwal


Real-time collision avoidance of a quadcopter using Arduino programming and SONAR sensors is proposed in this paper. The basic idea is to change roll and pitch values with the help of Arduino and SONAR sensor. The flight controller runs on six channel PWM signals coming from receiver, four of which (throttle, yaw, arming, angle mode) are directly connected to the flight controller and the other two (pitch and roll) are connected to the Arduino board and then from Arduino to flight controller.  The Arduino microcontroller board is used to program a code for obstacle avoidance with the help of SONAR sensors which manipulates roll and pitch signals coming from receiver and it is then fed to the flight controller for avoiding collision with any obstacle in the path of the quadcopter. These sensors will be installed on quadcopter which will help to detect an obstacle within a specified range (30 cm). Hence, Arduino acts as an interface between the SONAR sensors and flight controller by measuring the distance from the object lying in the path of the quadcopter which induces a change in the path according to the input code.

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