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An Alternate Aircraft Propulsion Technique

Vikrant Goyal, Pankhuri Arora, Sushank Sharma


The underlying paper presents the use of lasers in aircraft engines for combustion. The proposed theoretical model of an aircraft engine uses laser as a source to ignite fuel and thereby imparting propulsive power to the aircraft. Lasers being a promising source of energy provide an option of complete and uniform heating of the air-fuel mixture which ensure complete and clean combustion of fuel. Main emphasis for conceptualization of this paper is to make aircraft industry greener. Therefore, laser guns as an ignition source also demonstrate a unique property of sterilizing the air that passes through its path. So, the air available for combustion is free from organic substances and exhaust formed will be less polluting as compared to conventional engine exhausts. Some of the research works that have been completed do exhibit very promising results, which will be discussed in upcoming sections.

Keywords: Aircraft propulsion technique, laser technology, aircraft fuel

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