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Thermal Post-buckling and Large Amplitude Vibration Analysis of Composite Beams vis-à-vis Isotropic Beams

Jagadish Babu Gunda, G. Venkateswara Rao


Thermal post-buckling and large amplitude free vibration analysis of composite beams is directly investigated based on an analogous relationship derived from the behavior of isotropic beams. The applicability of simple analogous relationship derived for the use of composite beams is demonstrated for various layup schemes of symmetrically laminated beam with wide variety of boundary conditions. Numerical accuracy of the proposed approach show an excellent agreement with available finite element solution which demonstrates the robustness of the analogous relationship derived here.


Keywords: post-buckling, large amplitude vibration, composite beams, von-Karman type of nonlinearity, analogous relationship 

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eISSN: 2231-038X