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A Review: Drag Reduction in Aerospace Vehicles Using Aerospikes

Vishnu Kashyap, Navdeep Singh, Shivani Sharma, Jayanta Sinha


Vehicles flying in supersonic and hypersonic region develop a bow shock in front of the blunt body leading to an increase in the pressure and temperature. This increased pressure further leads to higher drag and heat transfer depending on the inflow Mach no. A spike at the tip alters the flow field in the vicinity of main body, thereby reducing drag. Our study focuses on how the flow over the main body changes when the spike is attached at the tip, the complete process of drag reduction by the spike and the different factors that are taken in consideration while choosing the spike geometry.

Keywords: Aerospace vehicles, aerospikes, drag reduction

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Vishnu Kashyap, Navdeep Singh, Jayanta Sinha et al. A Review: Drag Reduction in Aerospace Vehicles using Aerospikes. Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology. 2018; 8(2): 51–57p.

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