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Treatment of Textile Wastewater using Bentonite Clay as a Natural Coagulant

Vijaya Kumar S, Arunprakash C, Gobinath R, Nishanth M, Sangeetha M


The main objective of the present study was treatment of dye waste by coagulation with clay to achieve maximum removal efficiency of color and sludge.The present study was aimed to investigate the effects of bentonite clay as coagulant   in treatment of textile wastewater. The coagulant prepared was employed for the removal of sludge at the different doses. The maximum coagulant for removal of colour and sludge was found at an optimum temperature of 27oC with the retention time of 1 hour.This result was higher than the results obtained by different process parameters for various coagulants. The transmittance were found to be 94% with an absorbance of 0.03,TDS reduced from 5.15 PPT to 3.3 PPT, BOD too was reduced from 160mg/l to 40mg/l. Also owing to the coagulation process several other parameters such as chloride, sulfate, iron, COD was also reduced considerably


Bentonite clay, wastewater, conductivity, Natural coagulant agents, dye removal, sludge removal

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