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Spatial Mapping and Analysis of Ground Water Pollution in Pallavaram Municipality

Gokila Shree R, Iyer Gulshan, Srinivasan N, Subashree Sukanya Kannan, Vishnu Vardhan BVJ


The usage of groundwater has gradually increased because of the increase in water demand and the shortage of surface water. Pallavaram is one such sector in Chennai Municipal Corporation using groundwater as the predominant water source. Ground water samples in and around the industries and the dumpsite in Pallavaram were studied to assess the impact of pollution on ground water resources in the particular area. Groundwater samples were collected during post-monsoon season from 12 sampling points, representing different point sources of water supply such as open and dug wells along with the lake water. The water samples were characterized and analyzed for various chemical parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, chlorides, calcium, dissolved oxygen and total dissolved solids. The mobility, concentration, and geo-accumulation of certain trace elements such as nickel, chromium, lead, zinc and iron are also analyzed to quantify the levels of pollution. Chromium, lead, calcium and chlorine content for all the sample points were exceeding the permissible limits and the higher values were from points that were near the dump site. Spatial mapping of parameters was generated using ArcGIS and the spatial distribution of these parameters indicates the pathways of the hydrological system during the collection period. Results indicate that the analyzed water samples were highly polluted in comparison with the drinking water standards.


: Groundwater, , GIS, , spatial spatial mapping, , chemical chemical parameters, , quality, pollutants, ArcGIS

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