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Use of Molybdenum Doped Titanium Dioxide as Nanophotocatalyst in the Degradation of Methylene Blue under Visible Light

Rakshit Ameta, Paras Tak, Dipti Soni, Yogesh Gorana


The Earth is facing environmental pollution in its different facets, out of which water pollution is a major problem. Photocatalysis, which is an important part of advanced oxidation processes, is such a technology, which will be beneficial for waste water treatment due to its green chemical nature. In the present work, the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue (MB) was carried in the presence of molybdenum doped titania nanophotocatalyst and progress of the reaction was observed spectrophotometrically. The conditions for optimum degradation rate of the dye were achieved. It was observed that degradation of MB dye follows pseudo-first order kinetics and in the mechanism for degradation of dye role of hydroxyl radical as an active oxidizing species is proposed.



Molybdenum doped titanium dioxide, Nanophotocatalyst, Methylene blue

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