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Removal of Chromium (VI) from Synthetic Waste Water using Tea Waste as a Low Cost Adsorbent

Hanit Kumar Thapak, Sumint Singh Trivedia, Laxmi Kant Pandey


Industrial feed various harmful heavy metals which contaminant not only soil but also water resources. There are at least 20 heavy metals which cannot be damaged. In this Case, removal of Chromium (VI) from the synthetic wastewater has been investigated by using Tea Waste adsorbent as a useful natural adsorbent. The Case was performed using experiments with synthetic waste water having Cr (VI) in higher concentration. The adsorption experiments were carried out under different conditions of solution pH, contact time and dose. The result shows that the tea waste adsorbent has good removal efficiency. About 92% Cr removal was achieved by using 0.6 gm adsorbent for wastewater initial concentration 10 ppm. The adsorption process reached equilibrium within 40 minutes of the contact time with maximum adsorption at 7 pH.



Tea waste, Chromium, Adsorption, Synthetic Wastewaters

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