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Design of an Offtake Structure for a Lift Irrigation System

K. Sreeja, B. Vinaya, Md. Waheed Pasha, KNV Chandrasekhar


India is an agriculture driven economy. The availability of water on time for crops is very
essential for a good season. There are several initiatives taken by the government to store and supply water as per the requirement. There are several projects linking the rivers which make it more easy to use the water efficiently. An irrigation system plays a vital role in managing the water resources. An offtake structure draws water from the main supply canal stores and supplies it to the fields. The focus of this study is to design an offtake structure as per the given discharge requirements and ground conditions. The design is based on IS code and several checks were made to verify the design. The final drawings of the offtake structure are presented.

Keywords: Offtake structures, irrigation system, main canal, agriculture, field, Offtake canal

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Sreeja K, Vinaya B, Chandrasekhar KNV.
Design of an Offtake Structure for a Lift
Irrigation System. Journal of Water
Pollution & Purification Research. 2017;
4(3): 16–23p.


Offtake Structures, Irrigation system, Main canal, Agriculture, Field, Offtake Canal

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