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Oral manifestations associated with poly morphonuclear leukocytes (Neutrophil deficiency and Neutrophil disorders)

Shoborose Tantray, Sajad ul Islam Mir, Nazima Nasrullah, Seema Sharma, Seema Ahlawat


multicellular organisms from pathogens. It defends the body against foreign bodies, and generates a vast variety of cells and molecules capable of specifically recognizing and eliminating foreign bodies, all which act together in a dynamic network. Neutrophils have been referred to as a first line of defence; they are first defensive cells at a site of inflammation; however the resident leukocytes are cells which normally are present at the sites of inflammation. Neutrophils express their antibacterial action with the help of granules to reduce dioxygen to hydrogen peroxide. The primary function of neutrophils is to find bacteria and neutralize them by phagocytosis.


Keywords: Neutrophils, Phagocytosis, Neutropenia, Gingiva, Oral Manifestations, PMNs

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Shoborose Tantray, Sajad ul Islam Mir, Nazima Nasrullah, Seema Sharma, Seema Ahlawat. Oral Manifestations Associated with Poly Morphonuclear Leukocytes (Neutrophil Deficiency and Neutrophil Disorders). Research & Reviews: A Journal of Biotechnology. 2020; 10(1): 1–7p.

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Shoborose Tantray , Sharma Sharma, Nasrullah N.Interrelation Between Oral Microbiota & Oral Pathology. HTAJOCD.2019;11(4):37


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