A technical review and analysis of Surface Plasmon Resonance based Optical Fibre Sensors for exploiting oxides materials

Purnendu Shekhar Pandey, Sanjeev kumar Raghuwanshi


The review focuses on the most important contributions of oxides materials in the field of surface plasmon resonance in modern years. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based fiber optic sensor with indium oxide (In2O3) layer covered on the center of the optical fiber is displayed and theoretical examined. The sensitivity of the SPR based fiber optic sensor has been also assessed numerically. Itis indicated that the proposed SPR based fiber optic sensor with In2O3 layer has high sensitivity in the close to infrared area of range, which needs thoughtfulness regarding numerous natural and security applications and offers progressively precise and exceptionally reproducible estimations. Moreover, the sensitivity of the SPR based fiber optic sensor diminishes with the expansion in the thickness of In2O3 layer. The sensitivity of the sensor improves with the expansion in the thickness of ITO layer. With enhanced estimations of thickness of ITO layer and incident wavelength to be 50 nm and 1600 nm, individually, the proposed sensor offers high sensitivity of 164°/RIU.


surface plasmon resonance; indium oxide; sensitivity enhancement

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