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Aerogel Cellulose Composite–Considered at Low Cost

Nupur Goswami, B. Goswami


This review descriptive issued as from cellulose aided fabrication to form eco-friendly aerogel. This is lightweight material to contain more than 99% air, which has been processed by multi shape in structure depending on application. Susceptibility to chain linkage to adjoin by glucoside bond, cellulose has polymerized naturally or artificially. Assay of script as from beneficiated bio-compose has utilized for amidation, etherification, silylation, urethanization, etc. Mechanical property of nanocellulose has excellent compatibility to adopt tunable self-assembly under proper strength arose after thixotropic biocompatible products. Nano-fibril aerogel micro-reactor has been speculated to filter water after ion absorption and desorption, removal of synthesis product, drug delivery, and spill oil removal at industrial waste water


Nano-cellulose, aerogel, dispenser, Mechanical strength, Regeneration, Derivate, Thixotropic

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