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Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Hair Nanofibres from Waste Human Hair

Uttam Kumar, C. R. Tripati, Ashok Kumar


This research communication describes preparation of nano hair fibre from waste human hair. Human hair contains keratin protein in it, which enhances the tensile properties of hair and makes it stronger. Raw fibre of hair was washed with hot water and detergent to make it oil and dirt free and then treated with alkali, to make its surface rough which enhanced the bonding properties of fibre during reinforcement. The chemically treated raw fibre was further subjected to acid hydrolysis process and fibrillated into nanofibres by using high intensity ultra-sonication. The structure determination and characterization (functional groups, morphology, shape and size etc.) was carried out by FTIR, SEM and XRD. The XRD results indicate that crystallinity was approximately 51.64% and diameter of fibres ranged from 8 to 20 nm.


Nano hair fibre, keratin, alkali treatment, acid hydrolysis, ultra-sonication characterization techniques

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