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A Review of Current Challenges, Opportunities and Impacts of Nanotechnology on Environment

Ayushi Pandey, Alpana Chaudhary


Nanotechnology is serving to significantly improve, even change, numerous innovation and industry divisions: data innovation, vitality, natural science, medication, country security, sanitation, and transportation, among numerous others. The present nanotechnology saddles current advancement in science, material science and biotechnology to make novel materials that have remarkable properties in light of the fact that their structures are resolved on the nanometre scale. Almost five decades after Feynman’s talk, nanotechnology upgraded items are progressively utilized in normal just as top of the line front line innovation applications. Additional energizing prospects exist in biomedical, vitality and ecological related applications. It is a prevalent view that the nano-transformation is set to have a far bigger worldwide econo-techno-political effect than the mechanical unrest of the 19th century or the data innovation insurgency of the 20th century. There are indications that nanotechnology has the power to repair the brain. 


Nanotechnology, environmental science, agriculture, food safety, engineering

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