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Instant Cooling Of Sugar Cane Juice

Pravesh Jain, Sumit P. Kedar, Nathuram Jangid, Omkar Garge


This work has been carried out to bring out the reliable solution for chilling/cooling of sugar cane juice instantly (as less time as possible) after being extracted from sugar cane and considering hygiene. Sugar cane juice is a highly consumed beverage across many countries, mostly in summer seasons due to its nutritional values and refreshing nature while it’s chill. In this work design of the model is done to cool sugarcane juice from 35°C to 15°C instantly while flowing through the tray at a discharge of 100 lit/hr. this system consists of a stainless steel tray with two refrigerant VCR refrigeration systems. Properties of stainless steel 316 tray and sugar cane juice used are from different pieces of literature available and by calculation cooling load of the system with the temperature at different points of VCR cycle and components of refrigeration system was selected according to requirements.


Sugar cane juice, cooling load, LMTD, low-cost, VCR cycle

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