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Analysis of Combined Heating Cooling Power Plant

Sarthak Gaekwad, Sanket Gohil, Aakar Suthar, Muzaffar Munsi, Nailesh Mohite, Pankil Gandhi


Exergy analysis is a useful concept for ecology and sustainability because it can use as a common measure of resource quality along with quantity. The exergy of an energy form or a substance is a measure of its usefulness or work potential. Plant efficiency management in first instance is concerned with thermal efficiency. Ultimately plant wants to produce as much output for least expenditure of fuel. When plant efficiency deteriorates, the challenge is first to locate the defective part and then cost the value of repair. Optimization of CCHP power plant using exergy destruction minimization principle. In this paper, exergy destruction by each component of power plant is found out and the total exergy destruction of entire power plant is found out which is set as objective function to be minimized. The input parameters in bounded limits are varied in order to get minimum exergy value.


energy; exergy; fuel; power plant; thermal efficiency

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Sarthak Gaekwad, Sanket Gohil, Aakar Suthar et al. Analysis of Combined Heating Cooling Power Plant. Journal of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation. 2018; 5(3): 17–32p.



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