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Phase Change Material in the Heat Exchanger for Improved Performance of Latent Refrigeration Storage Systems

Nilesh C. Gaikwad, Vinay B. Choudhari, Randhir Y. Chavan, Akshay M. Kulkarni, Jayant J. Pharne


Using phase change materials (PCMs) in conjunction with a latent cool storage system is an efficient method of storing cool energy. It has the advantage of storage process with isothermal nature and storage of high energy density. Within last few years it has been inspected that in cool storage applications, PCM’s have been widely used. PCM’s are melted and solidified at wide ranges and temperatures and hence are attractive in cool storage applications. One of the potential applications for PCM comprised them for energy conservation. During the daytime, the advantages are to decrease energy consumption by the cooling system and the time shifts in peak load. This paper outlines an experimental inquiry of PCM is done in a heat exchanger. The Vapor Compression Refrigeration Circuit, which is connected to a heat exchanger with a Heat Transfer Fluid, forms the experimental setup. This study presents a discussion on the effect of nucleation agent (Sodium Acetate) added in Phase Change Material (water) used as Latent Cool storage and performance of set up with respect to Energy expended, Energy Extracted & Coefficient of performance (COP) achieved tested. Based on conclusions & amp; meteorological data available, economic analysis & amp; payback period was discussed


Coefficient of performance (COP), Energy Extracted, Phase Change Materials

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