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Fabrication of Air Conditioning Suit

Madan Jagtap


A PPE kit is personal protective equipment. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is specific clothes or equipment worn by employees to assure themselves against infectious materials. By forming a barricade between the potential infectious material and the health care worker, PPE avoids contact with an infectious agent or body fluid that may contain an infectious agent. An air conditioning is done by using an Ac machine which produce a cooling effect from inside of PPE kit. It increased a dr. comfort and increase their efficiency. A belt-like wearable ventilation system is included in a cooling PPE package. Even though he is inside the PPE suit, a person wearing a cooling conditioning PPE suit feels like he is sitting under a fan. It takes in outside air, filters it, and pumps it inside the PPE suit. The inside of a PPE suit is normally hot and humid due to a lack of ventilation; a cooling conditioning PPE kit provides a way out of this miserable experience by providing a continuous airflow within. The cooling conditioning PPE suit's construction ensures that the PPE kit is completely airtight. In just 100 seconds, it gives a breath of fresh air to the user. Bodysuit, head protection hat, shoe coverings, masks, disposal gloves, safety goggles, face shields, and other PPE items are included in the PPE kit. A PPE kit is intended to be used only once. To avoid spreading infection, dispose of it properly in a covered trash bag. It is beneficial for all the front-line warrior because it gives the cooling effects inside the PPE kit and reduces the humidity and sweat which occur inside the normal PPE kit. Cooling PPE kit gave the comfort to all the Doctors, Nurses, and patients too


PPE kit, Air conditioning, cooling effects, filter, safety.

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