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A Research on Thermal Analysis of FSAE Brake Disc

Kaustubh Rajendra Pandit, Siddheshwar Sadanand Malaye, Akshay Maruti Shelar, Pranay Kanhaiya Dumawat, Chetan Thakur


Since we all know brakes area unit the foremost vital a part of the vehicles the disc brake is a wheel
brake that slows rotation of the wheel by the friction caused by pushing brake pads against a brake
disc with a set of calipers. Braking system represents one in every of the foremost basic safety
important parts in trendy vehicles. Brake absorbs kinetic Energy of the rotating parts (Wheels) and
the energy is dissipated within the type of heat to the encircling atmosphere. It decelerates or stops
the vehicle. When brake is applied to the disc brake it's subjected to high stress, therefore it should
suffer structural and wear problems. Therefore, for the higher performance, structural, stress and the
thermal analysis is most popular to settle on low stress material. The target of this paper is to model
and analyze stress concentration, structural deformation, and thermal gradient of disc brake. Thus,
safety is the 1st necessary factor we tend to we focus. This day’s technologies transcend us the method
nobody may ever unreal. This paper is conferred with “Thermal analysis of FSAE Brake Disc” that
studies concerning disk brake and analysis of various shapes and slots of various vehicle. Once
brakes area unit subjected to structural and wear problems it's vital to check analytical calculation so
as to get temperature, heat flux, heat generated etc. totally different shapes of slot area unit due to the
cut back the load of disc and permanently thermal physical phenomenon. Hopefully this paper for
everybody is going to be useful to grasp the thermal analysis of brake disc and work a lot of
expeditiously. Modelling was done on Solid Works Premium S18. And Thermal Analysis on ANSYS
Product S19.2


Stress Concentration, Structural deformation, thermal gradient, Thermal Analysis, Solid Works Premium S18, ANSYS

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