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Remapping of ECU Engine (KTM 390)

Sunil Sopnur, Vedang Mahurkar, Navin Kodam, Omkar Shinde


Modern engines in automobile industry are controlled digitally with the help of engine management unit (EMU) which is programmed with the help of engine dyno manually to get the desired power, efficiency. Emissions Engine map of a four cylinder engine is tuned with the help of algorithm by using engine dynamometer as well as EMU, engine speed and throttle position is obtained by algorithm of air fuel ratio to obtain the required performance. Results of Preliminary automated tuning produce output curves of power which is equivalent to those of the OEM tuned EMU. At lower speed data altering is required and power outputs results are slightly less than the engine which are tuned in factory. At better performance and slight improvements in the engine efficiency can be found greater speeds. The tuning of engine to a very higher level which can be equivalent to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) the engine performance can be successfully obtained which saves time and make engine tuning process consistent


EMU control, automation, engine mapping, dynamometer, engine management, engine map.

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