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Piezoelectric Nanoparticles Loaded with Curcumin for Cancer Treatment

Ansif M., Madhan Kumar, R. Sridhar


Conventional cancer chemotherapy treatments are often compromised by systemic toxicity which starts from the lack of tumor specificity of administered anticancer drugs. The side effects limit the dose of the drug that can be administrated, making effective cancer treatment difficult. Nanoparticle-based drug delivery has the potential to overcome this challenge by targeted delivery to tumor and taking the advantage of tumor’s natural leaky vasculature to increase the accumulation of drug-loaded nanoparticles in the tumorinterstitium. By loading anticancer drug into nanoparticles, the more favourable pharmacokinetics and tuneable bio distribution of nanoparticles which can increase in the efficacy of the drug, can be achieved. Drug molecules loaded into a nanoparticle may also be protected from degradation and oxidation while in circulation.In this project, we are intending to accomplish an effective cancer treatment in a more economical and efficient manner without using chemical dosage, radiation exposure or any other surgical methods minimizing the side effects.Here, the Rochelle salt crystals are used to accomplish this by utilizing its piezoelectric property. Since the Rochelle salt comes under food additive chemicals and it is easily excreted in the urine without metabolizing in the body, it is a biocompatible material. The nanoparticles must be biocompatible and we are choosing this material in combination with curcumin and are administered after polymer encapsulation. Curcumin thus becomes an answer to several limitations in the present day techniques. Curcumin loadedRochelle salt nanoparticles will be administered after the polymer encapsulation using PCL and PEG,with antibodies for tumorspecificity whichwill ensure specific delivery. Ultrasound applied externally can initialise the piezoelectricity in Rochelle salt which willdisintegrate the cancer cells.


Cancer, Rochelle salt, nanoparticles, curcumin,piezoelectricity,ultrasound

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