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Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnS for efficient photodegradation of Malachite green

A.K. Thomas


In this work, ZnS nanoparticles were prepared by hydrothermal method. Various characterization techniques such as X-ray diffraction (XRD), UV-visible optical spectroscopy and FT-IR spectra were used to study the structural, composition and optical properties of synthesized nanoparticles. The XRD pattern showed that the prepared ZnS nanoparticles have a cubic zinc blende structure. The band gap is calculated from absorption spectra with the help of Taucplot and is found to be about 3.26 eV. The photocatalytic activity studies revealed that the ZnS nanoparticles havingcapability to decompose the dyes were responsible for water pollution. Thus, it concluded that reported hydrothermally synthesized ZnS nanoparticles can act as an effective photocatalytic agent against malachite green under solar energy.


ZnS nanoparticles, hydrothermal method, structural property, photocatalytic agent, malachite green, X-ray diffraction, UV-visible optical spectroscopy.

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