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Studies on synthesis and characterization of Silver nanoparticles from Cassia Auriculata and their effect on biological applications – A Review

M. Prem Nawaz, S. Raja Mohamed, M. Palanivelu, K. Mohamed Rafi, A. Ayeshamariam


Plants are able to synthesize a broad range of different chemical compounds called secondary metabolites and these are easily degradable. Many of them provide new sources of natural compounds. Majority of world population in developing countries relay on herbal medicines. Currently 80% of the world population depends on plants derived medicine for the first line to primary health care because it has no side effects. In the present study, review of the effect of ethanolic extracts of C.auriculata leaves is discussed and how we can synthesis the NPs and different categories were discussed here. On account of this, the present study has been aimed to review the pharmacological activities of C. auriculata.


Keywords: Biosynthesis, chemical synthesis, ethanolic extracts, green synthesis 

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