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What is other Reliable Alternative to Plastic Packaging

Mohd Danish, Reeta Devi


Packing industry looking for packing material that is economically feasible, environment friendly and that is non- toxic to food material so, biopolymer can be considers as good replacement as it contains chiton, gelatin, and some percentage of silver nanoparticles. The plastic waste disposal strongly raised in importance in the recent past and it is approaching a critical situation worldwide, so requiring putting in practice the criteria of circular economy by avoiding meaningless policy responses against the plastic materials. The world of plastic materials includes a wide range of goods in all the sectors of our life: packaging, construction, biomedicals, etc. Among the possible processes that can be more sustainable if compared with the traditional ones, in a real circular economy perspective, those based on thermochemical exploitation of products obtained by plastics are discussed and assessed.


Biopolymer, antioxidant, biocompatible, nanoparticles, gelatin.

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