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Size Dependence of Magnetization of Metal and Metal Oxides Nanoparticles

Sneh Lata Yadav


Variation of magnetization of metal and metal oxides nanoparticle is a matter of great debate from last decade. Researchers are still striving for the exact theory to explain this property of materials at the Nano level. In the present work we have analyzed the magnetic properties of Fe3O4, CoFe2O4 and Ni nanoparticles and studied the variation of their magnetization with their sizes. We have also computed the variation of the magnetization of nanowire and Nano films of the samples. The obtained results are explained using the energy bond model and its extension for the magnetic behavior of nanomaterials using molecular field theory. In our results it is observed that the magnetization of nanomaterials decreases with decrease in their sizes. The variation in the magnetization of nanoparticles with their size are explained on the basis of random orientation of spin of atoms constituting the nanoparticles. Proposed theoretical analysis is in good agreement with available experimental results. Thus the proposed model can be used to predict the behavior of magnetization of other nanoparticles for which the experimental data is not available.


Magnetization, Molecular Field Theory, Surface Spin Disorder, Superparamagnetism, Debye Temperature, Curie Temperature

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