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Hydrodynamic Stability of Parallel Flow and Rotating Flow of Inviscid Fluid Dynamics

Manju Bala



Stream unsteadiness and fierce change can be all around clarified utilizing another proposed
hypothesis - Energy slope hypothesis (Dou, 2005). In this hypothesis, the strength of a stream
relies upon the general size of vitality slope in streamwise heading and that transverse way, if
there is no work input. In this note, it is indicated dependent on the vitality slope hypothesis
that inviscid non-uniform stream is flimsy if the vitality transverse way isn't consistent. This
new discovering breaks the old style direct hypothesis from Rayleigh that inviscid stream is
precarious if the speed profile has an emphasis point in equal streams and inviscid stream is
steady if the speed profile has no enunciation point in equal stream. At that point, security of
turning gooey and inviscid streams is examined, and two instances of pivoting streams
(pivoting inflexible body movement and free vortex movement) are appeared, separately.
Keywords: Energy Gradient; Energy loss; Inviscid Instability; Non-uniform flow, Rotating
flow; Viscous Instability.

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