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The Recovery Water from Urine in the Life-Support System of Automatic Spacecraft using Electric Field Effect on the Urine in the Conditions of Space Flight

Michael Shoikhedbrod


One of the most critical spacecraft’s life support areas is that concerned with the recovery of water since, except for the shortest space flights, water must be purified and reused. A major source of waste water is in the urine excreted by crew members. However, because of the quantity and chemical nature of the impurities in urine, it is difficult to process in order to provide purified water. The paper presents the developed method and special constructed electrical separator, being simple on their use and design, cost effective and productive, workable in the conditions of space flight, which permit to practically achieve of recovery water from urine in the life support system of automatic spacecraft using DC (Direct Current) electric field effect on the urine. The developed method and special constructed electrical separator successfully also can be used for concentration useful microalgae for food of cosmonauts or astronauts in the conditions of space flight.

Keywords: The conditions of space flight, life support system of automatic spacecraft, recovery water from urine, useful microalgae concentration, weightlessness

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