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The Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Behavior of Gas Bubbles in the Effects of Vibration in the Conditions of Impact of Aircraft’s Overloads and Weightlessness

M. Shoikhedbrod


The study of the dynamic behavior of gas bubbles in the fluid and the control by the gas phase in the conditions, close to weightlessness, using the different types of the vibration are important for solving the number of the technological problems, connected to the needs of space technology (degassing special fluids and fuel). The task of the theoretical description of vibration impact on the air bubbles in the fluid was set taking into account of both the Earth’s conditions and the conditions of close to the weightlessness. The paper presents the carried out theoretical description of the behavior of gas bubbles in the vibrating fluid under a change of the acceleration of gravity, the conditions for sinking, floating and oscillations at the equilibrium level of gas bubble, the equation of its deformation, the equation of the equilibrium level in the conditions of variable gravitational field. As a result of the carried out tests on the board of flying lab IL-76K in the conditions of the short-term regimes of weightlessness obtained theoretical conclusions have been proved.


Keywords: Vibration, gas bubbles in a fluid, aircraft’s overloads, weightlessness, IL-76K, gravitational field, dynamic stability, MSRP

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