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Solid Propellant and its Effect on the Environment

Bharti Kanhe, Aniruddha Kanhe


Significant advances have been made during the last decade in the field of Space propulsion; various types of solid and liquid propellants are used in the rocket motor as fuel. In this paper we will discuss about the solid rocket propellant rather than the liquid one. Solid propellants are mostly heterogeneous (composite) made up of various ingredients which improve the burn rate and specific impulse of the rocket motor, but along with that the composite propellant also includes such ingredients like aluminium which are now a days effecting the environment ,mainly the protective shield ,ozone layer of our Earth. This paper includes the detail reactions during the launch and the effect of exhaust on the ozone layer and alternative suggestion of the ingredient mainly magnesium in place of aluminium to reduce the harmful effect up to some extent and suggest a new ecofriendly propellant.

Keywords: Composite propellant, ecofriendly, clean burning

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